Our Approach

As we move into a New Era of People-AI Partnering, we must have a much deeper understanding of Human Behavior. We can then iSAIL optimize organizations, Value Chains and Communities.

Our Story

We have over a decade of experience in AI R&D and applications. We've developed methods where others have failed enabling businesses to leapfrog the competition.

Meet the Team

Our passionate multi-disciplinary team enables us to do the amazing - iSAIL Optimized People-AI Partnering


Joseph Zagrobelny

Founder & CEO

Passionate about Fast & Deep AI that builds Great Relationships and Digitial-Physical Communties. AI patent holder, Inventor of Nine-AI Fast and Deep Artificial Intelligence and the iSAIL platform.


Bob Berwick, PhD, MIT

AI Architect

Decades of work at MIT CSAIL to help companies build AI solutions to leapfrog the competition


Ken McLeod, PhD, MIT

Chief Systems Officer

Decades of R&D and commercial system development for health and transportation systems.
Co-architect of iSAIL Transit


Jason O'Brien

Chief Commercial Officer

Seasoned Global Entrepreneur and leader to impact revenue and build highly motivated, performance-driven teams


Mark Coleman


Sustainability Entrepreneur
& Award-Winning Author


Ken Gruber


Decades of driving financial growth at Fortune 500 (Oracle) startups (Right Media) and NPOs


Melissa Burroughs-Pena, MD

Harvard Cardiology

Advisor & Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSF


Nicholas Donofrio

Advisor and former IBM EVP, Innovation, vice chairman of the IBM International Foundation and IBM Fellow


Doug Lea, PhD

Advisor / Next Gen Architect

The Godfather of Java

How can we help you?

Contact us to discuss how we can help you today and for decades to come in the New World of People-AI Partnering and iSAIL Optimization.