Nine-AI is the Next Generation foundation; a products and services company with unique AI based on functional theory that's proven to model complex systems where other methods have failed. This "Systematic AI" (SAI) is the foundation of people-SAI partnering in the New World with Nine-AI to fix the broken systems and iSAIL Optimize Quality of Life for people and planet.

Our iSAIL framework, Systematic Artificial Intelligence and Lifestyle, is based on decades of R&D at NASA, DARPA and MIT

iSAIL is the Adaptive Framework that will give us the deeper intelligence needed for true (iSAIL) Optimization. iSAIL is comprised of three interrelated People-AI P4 operating systems (p4 is Public, Private, People (Citizens) Innovative Partnering):

  1. People OS (POS): Finance-Health-Education
  2. City OS (COS): Finance-Energy-Mobility/Infrastructure, Education, Wellness and Commerce
  3. Business OS (BOS): Value Chain Optimization

Critical areas we're focused on today for Climate Change Adaption include: Finance, Energy, Health, and Mobility that are tied very tightly together. Today we have the Coronavirus and an increase in lyme disease and we don’t know what the future has in store, but we do know that if we use all the great resources we have today we can build a sustainable future for everyone.

iSAIL is the breakthrough needed to move the world forward with our Leading Partners!

Health & Behavior Optimization:
Deep Understanding
with iSAIL-Bio and SmartComm with Fast and Deep(TM) SAI for a much deeper understanding of Human Health and Behavior in Mind-Body-Spirit. Enables Predictive, Preventive and Proactive Population Health - critical for Urban-Rural ecosystems.

Health / Virus Prediction & Prevention - Mind-Body-Spirit

iSAIL Systems Biology approach allows the development of models across pathogens to better predict complex biological systems. The integration across systems-based data types allows us to predict gene expression and to infer new gene regulatory networks. Using interactive data from multiple levels of biological systems allows the association between phenotypic outcome and variation, and the prediction of gene expression using only a few epigenetic features.

The results - a deep, Predictive understanding for Prevention and Patient Population Health Optimization 

80/300 mph Intracity/Intercity

Our Tower-based design is a triple Revenue Driver for Transit, 5G iSAIL Communications, iSAIL Power Grid – tying in all the renewable sources and making the Power Grid much more Resilient. iSAIL Energy-Fin-Transit is based on decades of R&D at DARPA and NASA with AI proven to work where other methods failed.

The results - Trafic congestion and GHG emission elimination, THE BEST way to meet the  50% GHG Reduction by 2030, and increased Ridership with Disney-type experiences that excite

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